Cruise Tutorial


Level: Mainstream

Known for: Newest fleet in the world ... No. 1 cruise line in Europe … cleanest ships in the industry ... superior entertainment ... MSC Yacht Club with butler service … and kids cruise free!

Suited for: People who like an international crowd ... those who crave a different cruise experience ... cruise enthusiasts with Italian in their blood or can’t get enough Italian food ... grandparents and grandkids - since kids cruise for free.

Synopsis: MSC is significantly ramping up it’s presence in America (and around the world) with the debut of MSC Seaside last December, sailing Caribbean cruises out of Miami. and they aren’t done yet. MSC Meraviglia will begin year-round sailing in 2019, beginning with a Fall Foliage cruise out of New York in October and then shifting to Miami for Caribbean cruises. It will be the third MSC ship in the United States year round. Still, many Americans have yet to discover this Italian dish. MSC is a different cruise experience than regular Caribbean cruisers may not be prepared for. The food is decidedly Italian ... and so is the service. But you will get use to the cruise director regularly repeating himself in five languages to accommodate a decidedly international crowd.

Contact: MSC Cruises, 6750 North Andrews Ave., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309, (800) 666-9333


Ships: 18

  • MSC Armonia (2004)
  • MSC Bellissima (2019)
  • MSC Divina (2012)
  • MSC Fantasia (2008)
  • MSC Grandiosa (2019)
  • MSC Lirica (2003)
  • MSC Magnifica (2010)
  • MSC Meraviglia (2017)
  • MSC Musica (2006)
  • MSC Opera (2004)
  • MSC Orchestra (2007)
  • MSC Poesia (2008)
  • MSC Preziosa (2013)
  • MSC Seaside (2017)
  • MSC Seaview (2018)
  • MSC Sinfonia (2004)
  • MSC Splendida (2009)
  • Unamed (2020)