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Level: Mainstream

Known for: Once known for being loud, colorful and “out there” in terms of decor, Carnival has attempted to gain bit of sophistication over the years with more subdued - but still colorful - interiors. But don’t confuse their Fun Ships with other popular cruise line. They’re not going to change the formula that has made them the world’s largest and most successful cruise line.

Suited for: First-time cruisers looking for a bargain ... families with children ... people of all ages ... folks who like a casual cruise experience ... those who want to let their hair down and put on a different face than they would at home.

Synopsis: Carnival Cruise Line often gets a bad rap from cruise patrons who feel they’re too good to stoop to the level of the most successful cruise concept of all time. Some would be wise to try Carnival today and not rely on an experience from 10-15 years ago. Yes, it’s still a “Fun Ship.” And yes, decor on the older ships take some getting used to. But as Carnival honchos say: Carnival wants to make certain that you realize you’re no longer in your living room or any other resort-type vacation when you step onboard. Over the years they’ve refined the Carnival cruise experience, using less neon in the decor and adding supper clubs (one of the best pay restaurants concepts at sea) to newer ships. Some public areas are downright elegant. Bottom line: Carnival delivers what it promises, and is who it wants to be. That formula has proven to be very successful ... and profitable.

Contact:Carnival Cruise Lines, 3655 NW 87th Avenue Miami, FL 33178-2428,1-888-CARNIVAL


Ships: 26

  • Carnival Breeze (2012)
  • Carnival Celebration (2023
  • Carnival Conquest (2002)
  • Carnival Dream (2009)
  • Carnival Elation (1998)
  • Carnival Ecstasy (1991)
  • Carnival Freedom (2007)
  • Carnival Glory (2003)
  • Carnival Horizon (2018)
  • Carnival Legend (2002)
  • Carnival Liberty (2005)
  • Carnival Magic (2011)
  • Carnival Mardi Gras (2021)
  • Carnival Miracle (2004)
  • Carnival Panaroma (2019)
  • Carnival Paradise (1998)
  • Carnival Pride (2002)
  • Carnival Radiance (2020)
  • Carnival Sensation (1993)
  • Carnival Spirit (2001)
  • Carnival Splendor (2008)
  • Carnival Sunrise (2019)
  • Carnival Sunshine (1996)
  • Carnival Valor (2004)
  • Carnival Vista (2019)