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Azamara Club Cruises

Level: Premium

Known for: Small ships that can travel where the big ships can’t ...  exotic itineraries designed for cruisers who want something different  ... upgraded shore experiences.

Suited for: Sophisticated, experienced cruisers ... mature  adults ... middle to upper class clientele ... educated, sophisticated  adults ... people who want to avoid the hustle and hassle that comes  with three or four big ships in the more prominent ports around the  world.

Synopsis: Owned by Celebrity Cruises, these three mid-sized ships were originally part of the Renaissance Cruises fleet before the line went  out of business. The first two were refurbished to the tune of a  combined $38 million before beginning operation in 2007. Because the  ship was built for another line, interior and ocean view cabins are  extremely tight; so you might want to upgrade to a balcony cabin or a  suite. Don’t expect the glitz of showroom extravaganzas available on the bigger, newer ships; what you’ll get here are concerts, comedy and  dramas.

Contact: Azamara Club Cruises, 1050 Caribbean Way, Miami, FL, 33132,  877-222-2526


Ships: 3

  • Azamara Journey (2000 / 2007)
  • Azamara Quest (2000 / 2007)
  • Azamra Pursuit (2018)