Which Trips are Trending This Year?


Every month, travel agents find travel patterns agon their clients.

Certain trips begin to trend more than others. For example, last year the “hot” trip to take was Cuba.

So what are the trips that are currently trending? Where do travelers really want to go?

“Trending trips for family travel include vacations to theme parks because the parks are making so many improvements and adding new experiences,” said Margie Lenau, Wonderland Family Vacations in Grand Rapids, Michigan. “Disney's new Pandora—The World of Avatar in the Animal Kingdom theme park is new. You can fly a Banshee, then experience a phenomenal light show.”

Lenau also said that Universal Orlando Resort has gone beyond Harry Potter experiences with the new ride, Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon as well as an exciting new dining experience, The Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Feast Kitchen.

“Theme parks are expanding because of the demand for more and better family experiences, especially for multi-generational groups,” said Lenau. “The technology that they use is unbelievable, and it allows you to escape and have fun.”

For Lori Wall, group cruises seem to be on the rise.

“I have three scheduled for 2018 already, and all of the bookings are for extended families traveling,” said Wall, a travel agent with Destinations To Explore in Hyde Park, New York.

For honeymooners, New Zealand seems to be of interest as well.

“It has so much to offer,” said Jenifour Jones of Go Get It Events & Travel in Los Angeles, California. “Great food, wine, beautiful cities and things to do. People are also coupling it with four to six days in Fiji or Tahiti.”

Jeannette Candau, co-owner of European walking tour specialist, The Blue Walk Trips, said vacations that take travelers “into the thick of things” and more fully immerse them into the history and culture are what her guests are interested in.

“Walking vacations allow them to interact with local communities and not just view them from a bus window or hear about them from a guide talking from rote,” said Candau.

“Walking a centuries-old coastal path or strolling the cobbled, winding streets of an ancient village bring the history of a place alive in a way seeing it in a museum cannot.”

For some travel agents, their clients aren’t even thinking about this year’s travels anymore. Tammy Shamblin-Renie of Red Parrot Travel in Longwood, Florida said her clients are already scheduling next year’s vacations.

“No one has been contacting me for third or fourth quarter business this year,” she said. “It is all new business for 2018. Knock on wood that this trend continues and 2018 is a banner year for travel.”