He discovered the perks of romance travel

I love a romantic. I especially love a romantic client. Allure Quest Travel Experience takes great pride in our We 2 R 1 Honeymoons brand. When it comes to romance travel we book honeymoons, destination wedding and wonderful getaways where people in love can connect and make new memories. One of our clients just returned from a five-night cruise onboard Carnival Sensation, a celebration of 24 years of marriage. He booked the cruise as a surprise for his bride. Neither had cruised before. He came to me with questions and fortunately I had the answers. The man knows his wife ... that was evident by his keeping the cruise a surprise until the day of the cruise ... after arriving at the airport in Ft. Lauderdale ... BEFORE ever seeing the ship. That's a bold move. That's a man who knows his wife. That's a man willing to take a chance. He simply told her what to pack ... and kept the mystery alive with short, direct answers to her questions. She especially thought it was sexy when, while checking in at the pier, he had everything ready ... including passports, travel documents, etc. His questions of me about the process paid off in spades. They were rewarded with a trip of a lifetime ... to destinations they'd never experienced - especially Jamaica ... and had a chance to experience a luxurious cruise and see sunsets at sea ... while reminding themselves as to why they connected in the first place. All because a man in love wanted to show his bride what she truly means to him. That's why we do what we do. That's why We 2 R 1 Honeymoons by Allure Quest Travel Experience exists.